Pregnancy Journals – 31-35 Weeks

Pregnancy Journals – 31-35 Weeks

There’s not really a huge deal to report to you for this pregnancy journal. Symptoms are not changing apart from the need to eat sand is getting progressively worse. I get test’s at the midwife and I’m not even lacking any vitamins or anything like that so it really is a mystery, people aren’t surprised when they find out I want to munch on sand seeing as with Minnie during the 3rd trimester I wanted to chomp on a sponge.

31-35 weeks

Due to my trip to wales that if you fancy it you can read about here, all of my weeks have kind of rolled into one for this instalment of the journals. The week we got back, however, in fact, it was a week to the day that we got back, I spontaneously bought a Window To The Womb cancellation slot in Doncaster and we went to see our little mans face. I was cutting it fine though, they only do it up to 34 weeks and at the time of the scan, I was 33 weeks and 1 day.

I was not disappointed though and was pleased that I’d actually booked it because seeing his little face just made me even more excited, especially when she pointed out that he had ”quite a lot” of hair. Minnie was born practically bald and I’ve never really forgiven her for it. I am even more excited for this little one’s arrival next month now I’ve seen him which I didn’t think was humanly possible.

At 34 weeks I had my 34-week midwife check-up. Everything was just dandy, little man is measuring slightly smaller, but is on a steady, healthy incline. The midwife I actually saw this time said that she reckons that he will be around 7lb and 2oz when he is born. I guess only time will tell.

Week 35 I had my second COVID vaccination. All went well and smoothly however, the evening after the day I had my jab I got a headache and vomited, I can’t really put it down to whether or not it was side effects of my vaccine, if I had a bit of a stomach bug or if it was in fact a migraine. Personally, my hunch is that it was a migraine.

31-35 weeks

Well folks, that is all from me for this pregnancy journal and I shall update you all for the last time in my last ever pregnancy journals for baby number 2!

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