Pregnancy Journals 32-36

Pregnancy Journals 32-36

Wow, my second to last Pregnancy Journals post. How am I here already? I don’t even know myself, the time has flown so quickly, I’m glad i’ve kept an online journal of everything i’ve experienced because I start to qustion whether any of it actually happened and still to this day now being 32 weeks, almost 33 weeks pregnant I’m like am I really actually pregnant? Even though there’s  very wriggly baby in my belly telling me that it’s real every single day.

Sponge is still something that I absolutely need in my life. I don’t ingest it, I just chew it for the sensation and texture on my tongue, I find if I don’t chew on sponge when I feel like I need to I get really, really grumpy. To me it’s just like chewing almost really gritty gum.

Between the 33 and 34 week mark I’ve been hardly sleeping due to intense heartburn, which nothing is now soothing and pains down at the bottom of my stomach and I have to turn on my left side to relieve them. Peeing a lot is warned throughout your pregnancy to be a problem but only just now has it started getting me up at least 5 times a night. I still love food though, in fact I find I eat more now, more variety of things than I did before I was pregnant and it just makes tea time that little bit more exciting.

36 weeks came about in a flash and it absolutely baffles me that as of 37 weeks I am classed as full term. The heartburn started to subside slightly at the 35 week mark but came back a couple of times, but was not half as bad as it was the last couple of weeks prior to 35 weeks, honestly that’s been the only real issue throughout my whole pregnancy, to say I got lucky with my symptoms is probably a huge understatement for some mums who may be reading.

I am so ready to not be pregnant now, which is typical as I’ve only just started to like my bump. The next time you hear from me will be the last instalment of the pregnancy journals and then I will have a little baby to show off to you all.

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