Pregnancy Journals Weeks 27-31

Pregnancy Journals Weeks 27-31

I’ve been terribly bad at keeping track of the weeks again but honestly, at this point in pregnancy I feel as though all the weeks are literally just rolling into one. If it wasn’t for my pregnancy app I wouldn’t even know how many weeks I was.

Up until 27 weeks I’ve had no cravings at all, however as I turned 27 weeks it was like a switch had been switched and all of a sudden all I wanted was to shove a sponge in my mouth. It’s not that I want to ingest it however, chewing it and just mangling it in my mouth was more than enough to satisfy my needs. It started when my dad handed me a sponge to wash the car with, I smelt it and for about 2 weeks that’s all I could think about and focus on and I was adamant that I wasn’t going to give in to temptation but unfortunately, temptation won and I went, bought some sponges and chewed on them and honestly, I’ve never felt such satisfaction before in my life – be right back whilst I just go grab a sponge.

I’ve been eating a lot, or at least it feels like a lot but Stewart reassured me I’m not eating any more than I did before I got pregnant, which is a little comforting but I’ve also found with about 9 weeks left to go at this moment in my pregnancy I cannot wait to get back into a healthy fitness routine and diet, more than anything. My stomach feels much heavier, of course, and mobility is a serious difficulty and I can’t wait to get my body back but also I’m going to forcibly enjoy the rest of my pregnancy whilst I still can.

If you’re reading this and have been through pregnancy have you had any weird cravings? I’m interested to know.

We also got our C-Section date dead on 31 weeks pregnant so that we could start organizing bits and bobs, like people to watch the pets, time off work for Stewart and have an actual date to work towards which has eased a lot of uncertainty!





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