Snap Back To Reality // This Week We…

Snap Back To Reality // This Week We…

Hello and welcome back to the blog. It’s been a strange week, having to snap back to reality from our holiday in wales really did come with a slap to the face. It took until Thursday for me to actually get my brain back into our daily routine. Minnie settled back into it pretty well, Stewart came back ill but not with Covid-19, and I just felt completely knackered and lacked any kind of energy.

Snap Back To Reality

Monday we went swimming with Stewart’s mum. Even Stewart joined us, Stewart’s not been swimming with me in the whole time we’ve been together let alone with Minnie so it was a nice thing to do together and with Stewart’s side of the family after a week away. My new favourite thing is definitely taking Minnie swimming.

Tuesday, Stew was supposed to be back at work, but due to him having a cough (despite having a negative lateral flow) he was working from home whilst he went for a PCR test. Luckily I and Minnie had plans to go see my mum, which we also did on Thursday too. Mum took her to the play barn in Gainsborough on Thursday though and we sent my sister Nicola on a run after Minnie, I’m certain she enjoyed it equally as much as Minnie too.

The rest of the week was a blur, I’ve struggled to know what day of the week it is but gradually by Friday I was back to my usual – pregnant self. I did however go and buy a new friend, a best friend. His name is Niel. He is a wet-dry hoover (our other hoover gave up the ghost this week) and that meant that I could clean the sofa and suck up all excess liquid and I felt amazing for it. Niel, thank you for helping me itch any kind of nesting scratch I can do at the moment.

The Weekend..

Weekends should be something I love coming around but most of the time now they’re just literally us on our phones looking for somewhere to go which is not ideal when you have a little toddler to entertain. When we finally left the house on Saturday we went into town to put some money in the bank, after that we had some Lunch which Minnie was extremely pleased about. After that, we were back to square one on looking for something to do which resulted in me spontaneously booking up a cancellation slot at Window to the Womb in Doncaster to see our boy’s little face.

On Sunday the weather was kind to us so we wanted to make the most of it. I had an itch to go out with my camera and take photographs and I also wanted to get Minnie out too. We didn’t go far, just to the Bailgate which soon won’t be so easy for us when we move. Minnie got to play in the park and explore the Japanese gardens and Stewart and I got to play with our camera’s. Happy family all around.

What do you have planned for next week? As it stands I have absolutely no plans whatsoever apart from a midwife appointment.

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