Staying Productive & Organised As A New Mum

Staying Productive & Organised As A New Mum

When you’re pregnant so many people will try and drill it into you that you’re going to be tired all the time and have no time to do any of those things you need to do or want to do and honestly it’s all bobbycock.

It made me so angry when people told me to sleep when baby slept or that i’d have no time to do my make up in the morning and all I wanted to do was shout in their faces and tell them to shut up because every mother is different and I knew what they were telling me wasn’t going to be the case for me at all. It’s important to not let those negative comments get in your head and cloud your perception of motherhood.

Towards the end of my pregnancy because of these comments, I started wondering if I’d made a mistake. I was ready for a child, but I wasn’t ready to give up myself which is what everyone implied I’d be doing and it sent me into a pit of dark depression and it wasn’t until I sat there and gave myself a stern talking to that I could shove off all those stupid comments and realised that motherhood is as easy or as hard as I make it.

Here are some tips to make sure you stay as productive, organised and as YOU as possible as a new mum.

Get Your Partner To Take Extra Time Off Work

Not just for you, but for your partner as well. Your partners going to enjoy that extra time with their baby, and you have a bit more time, just like them to settle into the massive life change you’re embarking on. Me and Stewart, my partner had the first full month together adjusting to parenthood with our daughter and it was the best thing he did, taking that month off work (2 weeks was paternity leave and the other 2 weeks were holiday).

When Baby Sleeps; Do You!

Whether you want to sleep like everyone has been telling you, or do something completely different is entirely up to you but this is the advice i’ll be giving to any new mums that want my advice in the future. When baby sleeps, do you. Whether that means, when baby sleeps you clean, write, draw, chat with friends or just chill out its entirely up to you. Stewart and I have found the time to get the cleaning done, still play a few video games and do our own creative thing in the meantime and nothing much has changed since he’s been back to work either, our routine prior to baby was just the same as our routine now. Stewart did the sweeping and mopping in the morning and I do the rest of the housework during the day.

Bulk Make Bottles

LIFE SAVING – It saves so much time and is much better when your baby suddenly wakes from a slumber and decides it’s absolutely bloody starving and screams the house down for their food.

Don’t Be Scared To Venture Out With Your Baby

So many people are scared to go out with their new baby because of feeding and nappy changing requirements but honestly it’s really not that bad. I take a flask of hot water out with me and a measuring jug so I can heat bottles out and about (because some coffee shops are actually well tight on giving out hot water to heat up your babies bottles!) and you’ll be able to find a changing facility no matter where you go.

Pre-Pack Your Baby Bag

I like to pre-pack and make sure my bag is ready to go at all times and only requires fresh bottles being put in it before we go somewhere. There’s always bibs, muslin cloths, nappies and a change of clothes in there ready for your out of the house adventures together so that nothing’s going to stop you.

Make The Most Of Your Visitors

Everytime visitors have wanted to come and visit me and baby (more so the baby because I never got any visitors before!) put them to use whilst you do something you’ve been wanting to do all day. The other day for example; my brother came round with his girlfriend and I made her feed Minnie whilst I did the dishes and put the washing machine on. Ask them to watch your babe for half an hour whilst you do a spot of speed cleaning, have a shower or write up a blog post.

Stay Positive & Enjoy Motherhood

An important one. Sometimes it’s going to be hard getting up at night and feeding your little squidge but, look at him/her. They’re stupidly adorable and you’ve been blessed with this little human and you love them with all your heart, their little face makes up for the tiredness.

Plan In Advance

I’m a planner anyway, so it’s inevitable that I love to plan in advance but when you have a baby to think about it’s even more important that you think ahead of time to make life easier for you. There’s nothing worse than sponteneously doing something and not being prepared for it. (however if you’re organised and have a pre-packed baby bag, you’ll find it easier to decide you’re going to the peak district one morning and drop baby sitting duties on nanny.)

Spread Out Housework

Prior to having a baby I used to do all of my housework in one go and then I’d sit and work on my blog whilst catching up on my Netflix shows and whatever else. The first month of having Minnie I noticed that not all of the housework needed doing in one go in the morning and not only that but spreading my jobs out throughout the day made my day more interesting and made the chores, less of a chore if that makes sense. When Minnie napped after a feed and change, I’d go and wash the pots, put the washer on, dust the surfaces etc.

Are you a mum? Do you have any tips and tricks to stay productive and your best self whilst having a new baby? Comment below.

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