A Week Full Of Fun // This Week We…

Hi, how ya doing? It’s been a pretty good week, Minnie has been amused for most of it and even managed to avoid a nap on one day this week, which she’s not up until this week been able to achieve no matter how hard she’s tried. This week has been a week full of fun! A Week Full Of […]

48 Hours Without Wi-Fi – What I Learnt

Imagine the heart wrenching moment you’re told you have to go a whole day or two without WiFi. How nauseous you suddenly feel due to the fear speeding through your veins. You’re plagued by the single question, What am I going to do without the Wi-Fi???   48 hours without Wi-Fi The day started out just like every other day. […]

How To Improve Your iPhone Photography

iPhone photography is something I am extremely interested in due to the accessibility and how easy it is to just whip out your phone and take a photograph. I almost feel ashamed to say that I don’t take my camera with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I change bags and simply just forget or more likely, unless I am planning on […]

The Most Beautiful Church in Lincolnshire

  Church’s are stunning anyway due to their intricate and detailed designs within the architecture. Some people are completely put off by the word “church” and hold some kind of hostility towards it. Weird.  I am not a religious person, I don’t believe or not believe in a higher being than ourselves, I struggle to get my head around the […]

Best Of May – iPhone Photography

Finally, the end of may is here. I’ve been waiting for the end of this month all year. It’s been a hectic month. I handed in my final ever college assignments and saw the back of that place for good. Since leaving it’s been hard adjusting to my new reality of setting up my own business and getting shit done. […]

iPhone Macro Photography – Flowers

Ooooh, how I love shooting for the sake of it. Finally, my creativity has been set free. I finished college for good this week and I was going to write a post about it but right now, I’ve too many negative things outweighing the good about the place at the moment that I’ve decided to hold off speaking about it. […]

25/11/17 Weekly What I Saw!

It’s Saturday morning and yet again we are blessed with another beautiful day with the sunshine beating down on the world. It will never stop being magical waking up to the frosty dusting over the world in the mornings. We’re already coming towards the end of November and I know I keep saying it but can someone please tell me where […]