Life Update 03/08/2021

Hello! I stopped writing my weekly posts, I don’t know if you noticed but every week was beginning to be the same and I was struggling to write them. I love updating you guys regularly, I enjoy the method of reflecting on my week and seeing it back. So for now, here’s a life update, to keep you up to […]

How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

This is a very, very hard post to write, the number of times I’ve tried to deal with suicidal thoughts and have had a close family member experience them too, and even act on those thoughts is scary. It’s not something I find very easy to speak about but then I want to in case you need that little bit […]

Mental Health Quotes – My Top 5

I don’t know if any of you reading this do the same but, when I’m feeling particularly delicate or thoughtful  I take myself on a journey, usually through Pinterest looking for quotes that relate to however I’m feeling or quotes that really speak to my soul. Pinterest is by far my favourite place to go quote hunting too. I find […]

Increasing Good Vibes

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve not posted because I’ve been taking some well needed time out for my mental health, You may have seen on my Instagram that I’d ventured on an involuntary and extremely unwelcomed downward spiral in terms of my moods and have been quiet across all social media platforms because of that. I made the […]

Ways To Instantly Feel Happier

We all fall into that dreaded and inevitable slump of feeling unhappy, unmotivated and just ‘bluegh’ and i’m going to share with you some of my ways to instantly make you feel happier. Whether you’ve had something happen in your life to contribute to you feeling that little bit ‘crappy’ or you’re just having one of those ‘im feeling low […]

Look After Your Mental Health This Christmas

I’d say Christmas is one of the toughest times of year when it comes to maintaining a healthy mental state. Not only does it land in the season of SAD syndrome it also leaves people thinking more about lost loved ones and the biggest trigger of depression, financial worries. Whether we care to admit it or not, Christmas is materialised […]

Turn Pain Into Possibilities

Every single one of us experiences pain and speaking from a mental health perspective I’m going to talk you through how you can turn that pain into possibilities and seriously beat your mental health’s ass. Pain comes in two forms; physical and emotional. In this post we’re going to focus on the emotional perspective. Anxiety causes all of it’s suffers […]

5 Tips To Self Improvement

Self development or personal development is all about constantly growing and flowering as a person. The timeline of personal development is life long and not something that you can achieve over night. It takes willpower and a lot of learning about ones self and others around you to self develop. Development can go in one or two ways, you can […]

Family Memories And The Blues

This post is coming from a really personal perspective. I woke up this morning thinking of old memories and usually, they’d make me smile looking back but this time I’m just disappointed and sad. Family Memories and The Blues I’m scrolling through Instagram and I see a picture from Coniston Old Man in Cumbria and all of a sudden the […]

Glad Last Week Is Over

Monday 1st April – April Fools Day! The first day to myself from last week’s antics. 4 days of Stewart off work really took it out of me, he’s like a little puppy and needs attention all the time. Hosting mothers day afternoon tea was stressful but totally worth it. I spent Monday cleaning and just relaxing and I actually […]