Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks.

Hello and Welcome back to another Pregnancy Journals post, pregnancy journals 27-30 weeks! and officially in the third trimester. I am so excited to be in the last stretch because I feel like a very round, immobile weeble wobble. Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks 27 weeks; I upped my medication this week. I am now currently taking 100mg of Sertraline. I […]

Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks

Hello and here we are. Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks has arrived and I can’t quite believe how slow this pregnancy is going. I’m pretty sure it’s the fact I’m uncomfortable and struggling to do day-to-day tasks that are making it drag so much but I’m sure before I know it, our little man will be here causing havoc along with […]

Pregnancy Journals 32-36

Wow, my second to last Pregnancy Journals post. How am I here already? I don’t even know myself, the time has flown so quickly, I’m glad i’ve kept an online journal of everything i’ve experienced because I start to qustion whether any of it actually happened and still to this day now being 32 weeks, almost 33 weeks pregnant I’m […]

Pregnancy Journals Weeks 27-31

I’ve been terribly bad at keeping track of the weeks again but honestly, at this point in pregnancy I feel as though all the weeks are literally just rolling into one. If it wasn’t for my pregnancy app I wouldn’t even know how many weeks I was. Up until 27 weeks I’ve had no cravings at all, however as I […]

Pregnancy Journals Weeks 17-21

Welcome back to another installment of the Pregnancy Journals weeks 17-21. I can’t help but feel like this installment might be a little short and sweet but that’s because i’ve really not had to struggle with much symptoms and things in relation to pregnancy. I’m just really enjoying the experience of growing my little cherub.   17 Weeks 17 weeks […]

13-16 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

Week 13 Food, food, food and more food. I’ve had a lot of anxiety this week following my last appointment but asides from that my spirits have been high and I’ve been feeling a lot more like myself during this period. During week 13 I also had an appointment with a consultant about a planned c-section for reasons I’m not […]