The Baby Journals – 1 Month Old Baby

The Baby Journals – 1 Month Old Baby

Welcome to the first instalment of The Baby Journals. Minnie is now officially a month old and it’s been one heck of a journey. I also feel as though a lot of my month has been tainted with a lot of sadness. A couple of days before Minnie was born Tod, our cat sadly passed away and 2 weeks after Minnie was born, Birdie sadly flew off late at night and has not been seen since and i’ve not really spoken about it because it’s still too raw to speak about.

Asides from the unfortunate events, It’s been an absolute blast having our little ‘minion’ here. Her routine is still a little on and off but everyday it’s becoming that little bit easier to get her into a routine. Stewart’s now gone back to work and Minnie and I are going it alone. You’ll have more of an update on how that goes next month. 

It’s an understatement to say that this month has gone supremely fast and both Stewart and I are both super sad that he’s had to go back to work because I think we’ve enjoyed being a little trio everyday, but life goes on.

Feeding at night

At first, Min was cluster feeding during the night eating little and often, the first night with her, she slept right through till 5am; which lead us into a false sense of security almost. Luckily within the two week time frame she settled into a more even routine. Eating every 4 hours. Last feed tending to be around 11pm-12am, again around 3-4am and then her morning feed around 7-8am and is taking anywhere between 60-120ml each feed. (it varies occasionally!)

Baby awake time

Minnie likes to sleep. She’s not awake much, but when she is she is extremely bored, very quickly and the hard thing is entertaining a baby of such a young age. We put her in her swing chair and she’s amused for about 10 minutes before she’s crying for a change of scenery, put her on her play mat and yet again, 10 minutes in she’s wanting something else. 

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really know what to include in these baby journals, I don’t quite know what you want to read so for future reference, if I’ve missed anything you want to know, drop me a comment. I am really loving being a mum though, having her little face there every second of everyday is amazing and I can’t wait to see her grow up, but heaven forbid it speeds up.

She’s also started getting incredibly strong, lifting her head up herself and cooing when she’s wide awake and taking in the world. I read that babies aren’t supposed to start cooing until around 6-8 weeks and she’s only just turned 4 weeks. I feel like someones gonna take after her mummy and be walking at 9 months old at this rate.

In terms of healing from my C-Section in case you may have been wondering, i’ve healed incredibly fast and feel super good within myself.

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