The Fika Concept

The Fika Concept

The Fika Concept is all about taking the time to slow down and show a considerable amount of appreciation for the good things in life – It is an important staple in Swedish culture and is a state of mind we could all benefit from more.

If there’s ever a time to write about slowing down, the start of January is perfect simply because on December the 1st we are thrown into one of the busiest and fastest months of the year with it being host to Christmas and New Year.

The Fika Concept

the fika concept

‘To Fika’ generally means to meet with friends and family, something that we’ve rarely been able to do in the whole of 2020 so this year you might find it important to put that extra time in to see people, socially distanced or not, there’s absolutely no judgment here.

I know this that year, I am going to see people, life is way too short to not see people and as long as you use your basic common sense. I spent so little time with loved one’s last year that it impacted my mental health in quite a negative way. As someone who struggles with anxiety and ‘intrusive’ thoughts on a regular basis at the best of times, having to see less of people has affected me even more, with negative and very unwelcomed feelings.

Have you heard of Fika before? I’d not heard of it until I saw the word on Pinterest and then I decided to look into it and then found myself inspired to share with you my feelings and outlook. Will, you still be avoiding people this year or will you make the effort to spend time with loved ones?

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