Turn Pain Into Possibilities

Turn Pain Into Possibilities

Every single one of us experiences pain and speaking from a mental health perspective I’m going to talk you through how you can turn that pain into possibilities and seriously beat your mental health’s ass. Pain comes in two forms; physical and emotional. In this post we’re going to focus on the emotional perspective.

Anxiety causes all of it’s suffers pain almost every day and some of us find it extremely hard to get through the day without anxiety, a fear of something getting in our way.

Turn Pain Into Possibilities

The first thing you need to do is determine your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is something you’ve created to keep yourself feeling safe and secure, you’ll tend to stay in your comfort zone when greeted with things you hate for example; speaking on the telephone, going to social gatherings or literally just leaving the house on your own. In our comfort zone, we will have things included that will replace the feeling of pain (whether that be insecurity, anxiety or grief) with something that brings us pleasure like, drugs – alcohol, eating, gambling or pornography and so on. We integrate these things into our daily routines, into our comfort zones to take away any negative feelings of pain we may be experiencing.

Whilst we have created this comfort zone for ourselves to keep us feeling secure and safe, we’re also keeping our life very limited. There’s a huge world out there for us to enjoy and experience and instead, we insist on staying in our own little bubbles shutting ourselves off to endless possibilities because it’s just easier that way and feels better, or does it?

If what I am writing sounds like you then keep reading because I am going to give you some pointers to potentially help you escape from your comfort zone prison.

Forward Motion

Moving forward in life is something that we all want and when we are able to fight our demons and move forward we are actually awakening a much more powerful force inside of us as opposed to the comfort of our comfort zone. We get stronger and we achieve when we do not let pain and fear get in the way of us moving forward. You, reading this might not think you’re capable of such things but trust me you are, you’ve done it before. Once upon a time, you were a young child and you couldn’t even do a fraction of half the things you can do now, take walking as an example. You’d fall down but get back up and try again countless times and look where you are now, you achieved. Choosing avoidance over moving forwards means you will never reach your full potential.

The Reversal Of Desire

The reversal of desire is a brilliant tool for you to use to get you through to the forward motion. Imagine whatever you’re feeling as a cloud in front of you. Shout at that cloud silently in your mind, tell it that you love pain and to bring it on and whilst you’re doing this imagine yourself walking through that cloud and eventually, you’ll find yourself out the other side of the cloud and then you can tell yourself with confidence that pain sets you free. As you leave the cloud behind and continue walking forward you will find yourself feeling enlightened and uplifted by what you’ve just done, for yourself!

You’re probably asking yourself now, ”When do I use the Reversal of Desire” and the answer is simple. When you’re faced with a problem that makes you feel uncomfortable, scared or nervous, e.g; You’re about to enter a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable; a family event for example, just before you enter it, imagine that cloud and go from there. You don’t even need to experience that situation, you can imagine it. Depending on the severity of your fear sitting in the comfort of your home and just thinking about something that would set off your negative emotions and again, think about that cloud. Use the cloud every time you feel like you’re going to end up restricting yourself from moving forward.

– If you move towards a problem, you’re going to make it smaller. If you move away from the problem you’re going to make it bigger. If you run from the problem altogether, it ends up consuming you. Confront it and it will go away.


This post has been created for self-help purposes. I am not a mental health professional but I do have personal experience in what works for me, therefore it might also work for you too. If you liked this post please, share it, like it and comment with your experiences with this technique. Did it work for you?








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