Ways To Instantly Feel Happier

Ways To Instantly Feel Happier

We all fall into that dreaded and inevitable slump of feeling unhappy, unmotivated and just ‘bluegh’ and i’m going to share with you some of my ways to instantly make you feel happier. Whether you’ve had something happen in your life to contribute to you feeling that little bit ‘crappy’ or you’re just having one of those ‘im feeling low for no reason’ moments (that’s the case for me the majority of the time.) these little tips should help you on your way to feeling that little bit happier.

ways to instantly feel happier

Take A Bubble Bath

Whether you love bubbles involved or not, taking a hot bath, or even a shower is enough to make you feel that little bit better. Wash off all those horrible feelings you have right down that drain and come out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle what lies ahead. {if hot baths/showers aren’t your thing, go for cold, whatever tickles your fancy!}

Listen To Your Favourite Music/Band

Some people would argue that music solves all problems and negative emotions, depending on what you choose to listen to that is. If you put on those sad jams it might not really help lift your mood, but if you have some of those happier bangers you can shove on and bless your ear holes with then, whack them on and let them do the hard work.

Cuddle With A Pet

Works like a charm if you like animals as much as me. They love you unconditionally so having a good old snuggle with a pet is enough to release those happy feelings and having you feel much better in no time at all.

De-Clutter & Clean

This tip might not be your cup of tea, but for me it certainly helps me clear my head. I tend to be a lot more negative and unhappy when my surroundings are cluttered and dirty and cleaning them up makes me feel much better. Not only am I taking my frustration out on the job at hand but also I am clearly my mind and space at the same time. This is a ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ tip.

Watch Your Favourite Movie

It’s all well and good shoving your favourite sad movie on whether it be sad or a happy one. A happy movie is going to release those happy hormones anyway, but a sad one could potentially make you feel even better, after a good ol’ cry into your sofa or bed sheets (depending on where you watch your movie from.)


They say that sleep solves everything, so shut off for a bit and go to sleep.


Probably one of my least favourite ways to feel happier, but never the less it works. You’d have to try it to believe me.

Participate In Something You Enjoy

This opens up such a wide variety of things to do. For me I’d participate in a walk around the peak district or somewhere exceptionally pretty, photographing, blogging, painting or doing anything creative with my time. I always feel much better once I’ve done something I can be proud of. Going for a walk is something I am most proud of because I can be exceptionally lazy sometimes..

What did you think to my ways to instantly make you feel happier? Have I missed something off the list that should have been a staple on there? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know in the comments if there’s something you do to make you feel better that people wouldn’t necessarily think of doing; Sharing is caring.

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3 thoughts on “Ways To Instantly Feel Happier”

  • Thanks for sharing such lovely advice. Definitely cleaning makes me feel 100% happier and like a productive human being. The thought of tidying I always dread but it works!

    It’s scientifically proven too that pets are comforting and bring down levels of anxiety and stress in us when we’re petting / cuddling them etc. My mums two dogs definitely got me through a lot of dark times and sometimes I wonder whether it’s the right time to bring a rescue in to my own home yet.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk

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