We Lost A Pet – Week 10

We Lost A Pet – Week 10

Hello and welcome to week 10! I feel like it’s taken us ages to get into double-figured weeks this year. We are now in March. We are in the month that Spring is officially launched. Everything is about to get much more beautiful outside. We didn’t get up to much at all this week, we lost a pet but I will get into that a little later on in the post.

We Lost A Pet

we lost a pet

This week has been alright I’d say. It was relatively slow until I was graced with my sister’s presence for a few nights last week. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow for us to do much walking which we like to do together, but we did brave the elements at one point to mooch to Tesco, get her some hair dye and basically accidentally transform her into Cruella Deville.

before we died the other-side black

We had a pretty chilled weekend to be fair and looking back through my phone’s photographs this week it’s shocked me that the only photographs I’ve taken is from our trip to the park in Welton on Sunday before we took my sister home to then come home and clean out the pets.

We lost our pet guinea pig on Sunday, We’re not entirely sure what happened to him, but it was most certainly a tragic accident but due to the loss of him, we decided to move the ferrets into the bigger cage for more space to run around and play fight with each other as the rabbits only got shut in with the guinea pig at night, other time they had free roam of the house. So yeah, that was a bit of a downer on the week, to say the least.

I’m so used to having my heartbroken over the loss of pets – my own fault of course for loving them so much that I need to be surrounded by them – I’ve learned to deal with the loss, it never gets easier and if anything gets worse is the more pets I lose, the angrier I get with people telling me I have too many pets or making a comment towards it. I now, do not have many pets at all and it’s horrible.

Thanks for Reading. I hope you have a beautiful week.

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