Welcoming The Sunshine – Week 9

Welcoming The Sunshine – Week 9

Hello and are you with me in welcoming the sunshine this week? I’ve certainly enjoyed a weekend of beautiful sunshine and I don’t know if you’ll know what I mean but it’s actually smelt like spring outside, do you know what I mean?

Welcoming The Sunshine

welcoming the sunshine

This weekend I got out more than I have on previous weekends. Friday me and my brother took a stroll around the Bailgate, the sun was streaming down on us and we made the effort to walk and get our much needed vitamin D.

On the Saturday we took a walk around a few villages, checking out how the other side live if you like. We saw some beautiful big houses that were just dreamy. House goals for sure. The sun again was shining down on us hard.

Sunday, it started foggy but I had trust in the weather apps that it was going to clear up and so I wanted to make sure we got out for another walk, especially seeing as during the week I had been terribly NOT active. Stewart asking me if I wanted to walk to the Bailgate again for a Greg’s definitely aided in my decision to get my coat on and get out there! I had a vegan steak bake and a cheese and pinion pasty incase you wondered.

welcoming the sunshine

I am so excited that we’re coming out of lockdown, I’m not sure much has changed in terms of what we can get up to this future week, but never the less we are one step closer to better times!!

What do you have planned for the week ahead?

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