Why Is Everyone Ill? // This Week We…

Why Is Everyone Ill? // This Week We…

Hello and welcome back to the blog. How are we all doing on this fine Monday? This week has been strange to say the least as everyone’s been getting ill again. I don’t know why but there’s so much illness around at the moment that nobody catching a break, apart from me, I don’t seem to be getting ill with anything, apart from my Migraine early last week which for the first time ever resulted in me vomiting. Lovely.

Why Is Everyone Ill?

It was a relatively slow week, to say the least. We spent a lot of time at home and I think that’s why it felt so long. Minnie had been up to during the night most nights coughing and vomiting, i’m vomiting Monday night as a result of my migraine. We ended up at the out of hours at one point because Minnie’s cough was being a tad aggressive on her little body. We couldn’t even go to mums after Monday because 2 of my brothers were ill too. One with a cough and another with Hand, foot and mouth.

I tried to make the week as fun as I could for little minion though. We had some time in the rain, some time at the park in between the sessions where I wanted her to just chill and rest. It’s hard getting a toddler to chill out though isn’t it?

My mood has been low this week, I’m a little over 3 weeks away from having a baby and my house is just not ready for it. It’s falling apart, it has black mould in our bedroom that no matter how much I scrub it won’t clean, so I’m having to swap my room to the smaller room that is not full of boxes which will only just fit Minnie’s cot in, our bed and a Moses basket. Moving house is not looking to happen this side of my son being born either, and I really didn’t want to be moving with a newborn and a fresh c-section wound. I have shampooed my carpets over and over and nothing is making them any better. It’s hard to get nested and ready for a baby physically and mentally when you just can’t.

Why Is Everyone Ill?

Sunday, we took Minnie to Hartsholme park to feed the ducks and see the squirrels. The most stressful part of this trip though is that Minnie wanted to actually be in the water with the ducks. It wasn’t good enough that she was stood on the side next to them. The ducks must have sensed my stress or something because they ended up coming up to us to get their goodies in the end.

I’m really hoping that this week is better. That I get some sniff of good news come my way. I’ve finally started to pack my hospital bag, I’ve bought newborn nappies and even purchased the baby milk, which is very weird to see in my cupboard again.

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